Saul Reichlin - 'Saul Reichlin is dazzling...stage acting of the highest caliber’... (Off-Broadway run of The Good And The True). Saul's showcase of Sholom Aleichem In The Old Country played to full houses at the Cornelia Street Café Theater, in the West Village, NYC. Most recent: Defence Barrister in Murder Maps UKTV. Recently, Prospero in The Tempest and Shylock in The Merchant of Venice, Rose Theatre, Bankside: 


Audiobook  & Narration  Awards   

2016 S Shortlisted

             Audible UK  Audiobook  Of  The  Year

             The Girl In The Spider’s Web    by David Lagercranz

                     2012    Shortlisted            

           Audible  UK  ‘Sounds of Crime’ 

            Best Unabridged Audiobook  Award

               The Fallen Angel    by David Hewson

2010   Winner


               Audible  UK  ‘Sounds of Crime’ 

               Best Unabridged Audiobook  Award

                The  Girl Who Played  with  Fire  by  Stieg Larsson

2010     Runner-up

                UK  Best Audiobook Of the Year  Award

                  The  Girl With  the  Dragon  Tattoo  by Stieg Larsson

2009   Winner

    UK  Best Audiobook Of the Year  Award

              The  Girl  With  the  Dragon Tattoo  by Stieg Larsson

2008   Winner


               Audible  UK  ‘Sounds of Crime’ 

              Best Unabridged Audiobook  Award

              The Seventh Sacrament     by David Hewson

 2008   Shortlisted

   Audible UK Audiobook Download of the year

   The Garden of Evil  by David Hewson

2007   Winner

              UK Best Use of Archive Footage Award

   Sky  History  Channel    Narrator Episode -  Let Us Die Like Brothers

Theatrical Awards

2005   Winner

What’s on Stage  Best New Comedy Award   Who’s the Daddy?

King’s Head Theatre     Performance as  Michael  Howard

2003   Nomination

             Best Actor Award – performance as Josef  Mashkan

              Old  Wicked  Songs    Pieter Toerien Productions

2003   N0mination

              Edinburgh Fringe Festival Identity Award  - Gimpel  the  Fool

2002    Nomination

              UK  EMMA - Ethnic & Multicultural Media Award

              King’s  Head Theatre -  Sholom Aleichem - Now You’re Talking!

              (won by Denzel Washington)

2002   Winner

            Brighton Festival - Best Production Award

Lost in the Stars  Performance as The Judge

2000   Nomination

Jewish Chronicle Award - The  Artist Who Contributed Most To  The  U.K.     

Jewish Community in the Medium of Theatre    (won by David Hare)

1995   Winner

              Best Director Award  Johannesburg Festival

              The Purification, Tennessee Williams


 'As Shylock Saul Reichlin is superb…The Staqe. Saul is a multi award-winning audiobook narrator, and has recorded over 50 drama documentaries for Sky History Ch